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OS-02 Baseball Batting helmet w/mask


Baseball helmets are a crucial piece of equipment in today’s games of baseball and softballWith the extensive research that has been done,  data collected and current focus onconcussions and other head/brain injuriesthe importance of protection is at an all-time high.

Product Name:Baseball helmets batting
Description: Black(WITH MASK)
A. Superexcellent paint technology.
B. ABS injection shell, wide choices of colors and graphics.
C. EPS shock –absorbing liner.
D. Classic ten top vents design for the perfect ventilation.
E. NOCSAE certified. 
Extra Small , Small , Medium , Large , Extra Large

Better visibility: Wider field of view and better peripheral vision than any other fastpitch helmet
Eliminates glare. Blackout Technology coating inside bars eliminates distracting glares
Moisture wicking. Wrapped padding manages dampness and reduces irritation
Ultra lightweight. Designed to reduce weight without sacrificing strength
Ponytail channel allows for the ultimate comfort for fastpitch players
Comfortable fit. Dual-layer padding adds protection and form-fitting comfort
Cooling technology. 21 strategically placed air vents keep you cool
Chin strap included to provide a secure fit
Size: Small – Medium (Head sizes 6” – 6-7/8”)
Size: Medium – Large (Head sizes 6-1/2″ – 7-3/8″)
Meets NOCSAE® standards

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