About Oversea Sports

Who We Are?

For Oversea Sports, this means making helmets that are better looking, more safe, and fit better.

Oversea Sports Industrial Ltd. is the helmet manufacturer and provider in China. All of our helmets meet or exceed safety requirements, such as CE, CSA, HECC, CPSC, and so on. Due to the continious R&D and thanks to the support of our loyal customers, Oversea Sports has been grown to be one of leading helmets suppliers here.

The area of our factory is 1800 square meter, so it is elegant. There are about 200 workers. That is to say, we have inhouse designers, R&D people, and QC staffs.

What we do?

We currently export to the following locations. In addtion, we are always open to expansion:

– Europe
– Asia
– North America
– Central & South America
– Middle East

We have more than 12 years’ development. Hence Oversea Sports has built up a solid foundation. Furthermore, we gained a favorable reputation as well as market share. We will serve you by supplying high-quality products with competitive prices. Therefore it will bring you more profits by return.

Our mission:

Our business is designed and managed to be customer oriented. Therefore, this allows us the opportunity to provide our customers with the state-of-art products.  Every day on every product we sell.

On top of that, our responsibility is to secure our customers with the best-suited, and most efficient unit. In order to establish a long-term business relationship. We strive to provide competitive product offerings, that satisfy a broad spectrum of customers. Moreover, we strive to please the customer with prompt and efficient support, that is from our highly trained staff.

In conclusion, our mission is: ”Compeitive prices, fast shipping, excellent service.”

Our inhouse testing equipments


Testing equipment